Introducing the WEDGE™ Basin Brochure!
Artful. Distinctive. Functional.

wedge installation

Neo-Metro® is proud to announce the release of a new brochure showcasing the new WEDGE™ basin. WEDGE is a modern, hygienic washbasin system that features a patented triangular wedge design and can be paired with any commercial faucet.

Cast as one seamless piece of soy-based solid surface material, WEDGE complies with ADA requirements, is easy to install and maintain, and eliminates hazardous and unhygienic water on the floor when paired with the Dyson® Airblade™ Wash + Dry. The WEDGE comes in a variety of colors and is available in 30” one-station, 72” two-station, and 96” three-station configurations, creating a washbasin as versatile as you want to make it.

View and download the artfully designed WEDGE brochure today!

View Wedge™ Product Page Download Wedge™ Trifold