Flush Valve for Toilets
Flush Valve for ToiletsFlush Valve for Toilets
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Flush Valve for Toilets

Model Number:  FV Toilet Series
ADA-Compliant Model(s) AvailableWater-Saving
Commercial Toilets typically require flush valves (flushometers). The valves are used on the Contour Toilet (Model 8955 Series) and the Commercial Metaal Toilet (Model 8956 Series). Since Neo-Metro offers both top supply (typically operates with an exposed flush valves) and wall supply (typically operates with a concealed flush valves) toilets, both types are offered. Additionally manual, hydraulic and sensor activated versions are available. The valves flush with 1.6 gallon (6 Liter). 

1.28 gallon (5 Liter) per flush valves are available specifically for the Contour Toilet. Flushing solid toilet waste with 1.28 gallons (4.84 Liter) or less qualifies the toilet for a High Efficient classification.
Product Details
  • Accessibility:  ADA-Compliant Model(s) Available
  • Mount:  Wall-Mounted , Fixture-Mounted
  • Environmental/Health:  Water-Saving
Related Model Numbers
  • FV1.6-T - 1.6 GPF Top-Supply (Exposed)
  • FV1.6-T-SO - 1.6 GPF Electronic Sensor Top-Supply
  • FV1.6-T-BSO - 1.6 GPF Battery-Powered Electronic Sensor Top-Supply
  • FV1.6-W - 1.6 GPF Wall-Supply (Concealed)
  • FV1.6-W-H - 1.6 GPF ADA-Compliant Hydraulic Wall-Supply
  • FV1.6-W-SO - 1.6 GPF Electronic Sensor Wall-Supply
  • FV1.28-T - 1.28 GPF Top-Supply (Exposed)
  • FV1.28-T-SO - 1.28 GPF Electronic Sensor Top-Supply
  • FV1.28-T-BSO - 1.28 GPF Battery-Powered Electronic Sensor Top-Supply
  • FV1.28-W - 1.28 GPF Wall-Supply (Concealed)
  • FV1.28-W-H - 1.28 GPF ADA-Compliant Hydraulic Wall-Supply
  • FV1.28-W-SO - 1.28 GPF Electronic Sensor Wall-Supply
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  • Commercial
  • Guest Rooms
  • Night Club/Bar
  • Public Bathrooms
  • Restaurants
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The toilet requires a 1" (25 mm) commercial water supply line with a flow pressure of 35 psi (2.41 bars).

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This version of the toilet is configured for a commercial flush valve. Either a Top Supply or Wall Supply flush valve may be used. Standard valves supplied operate at 1.6 Gallon per Flush (6 LPF).

High Efficient 1.28 GPF (4.84 LPF) flush valves are also available. Flushing with 1.28 gallons (4.84 Liter) or less qualify the toilet for a High Efficient classification. Neo-Metro commercial toilets (utilizing flush valves) meet this criteria.