The Pointe

A Gold LEED Certified Project Profile


A clean, minimalist design for The Pointe’s bathrooms is achieved with custom Neo-Metro wall-mounted Ebb Concept Basins in Tangerine Dream and Elmdor/Stoneman access doors concealing plumbing below

A Glamorous History

Burbank, California, “Media Capital of the World,” is a treasure of entertainment history dating back to the 1950s. Today, the city is headquarters for some of the most famous entertainment companies, including Warner Bros. Entertainment, Warner Music Group, NBC Universal, Walt Disney Company, Viacom and PBS.

The Pointe is Burbank’s latest addition to the Media District; a towering edifice of contemporary architecture providing 14 floors of multi-use commercial office space. The owner-developer, M. David Paul Ventures, teamed up with renowned architectural firm, HLW International, with a goal for sustainable design, space efficiency, and highly differentiated architectural details. Integrated plumbing solutions from Acorn Engineering Company and its division Neo-Metro helped to realize this vision with custom-manufactured basins, recycled material content, and water-saving accessories. The result is an Gold Status LEEDcertified building with a luxury high-end design befitting its contemporary surroundings.

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Save Paper & Money

The design intent of Ed Kono, lead architect from HLW International, was to “create a building that defines Burbank for the future with a very distinctive look that people could recognize from a distance.” As he explains, the regular passerby doesn’t typically appreciate a building, unless he or she is an architect, designer, or a visitor to New York, mouth agape, strolling down the concrete canyons of Fifth Avenue. Ed wanted “regular folks” to see structures as art forms.

He decided that every square inch of the project would reflect fidelity to this theme—right to his choice in fixtures for The Pointe’s 26 restrooms. Ed Kono had yet to work with Neo- Metro, the luxury fixture subsidiary of commercial plumbing titan Acorn Engineering Company, but one of his interior designers suggested using Neo-Metro’s unusual tangerine-tinged resin basins. He was hooked.

Ed’s vision was to design free floating basins that appear to levitate off the back restroom wall and the two side walls. In his mind, the look would be minimalist and clean, but not boxy. He specified 26 wall-mounted Ebb Concepts from Neo- Metro, custom-ordered for the job with dual basins and the tangerine resin top that hooked him in the first place. The basins were completed with 80 percent recycled stainless steel—a durable, sustainable material with a clean urban appeal. Metering dispensers provide LEED-certified soap, and sensoroperated “L” spouts contribute to the building’s overall water conservation.