Neo-Metro's principal Kristin Kahle answers questions about the past, present, & future of sustainability

Can you tell me a little bit about the history of Neo-Metro's relationship to green product design?

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Well, we've always been essentially a green company since we began we've used recycled steel from the start. And efficiency has always been such a major standpoint of our designs that we haven't really had to catch up to the green trend.

We're members of the U.S. Green Building Council, but more than any green supplementation, it's in our DNA to be an eco-friendly, efficient company.

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Can you tell me a little more about what you mean by efficiency?

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That means everything from using one valve for multiple basins our System M2 can utilize six to eight wash basins with the use of one water valve to retrofitting our Ebb Concept in Terrazzo, recycled pieces of marble and stone chips.

Our products are made to be green and efficient, its not just an environmental standard for us, but a tactical advantage for us.

What about the plumbing mechanisms themselves? Are those eco-friendly?

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For us, green plumbing is certainly environmental, but it's also just smart business practice for our clients. Why wouldn't a company want the most efficient, energy-saving fixture? We use special AcornVac vacuum technology that only uses half a gallon of water per flush, or our Waterless Urinal, that requires absolutely no water. We can use Chronomite tankless water heaters for instant hot water so there's no waste and delay.

Our miniLOO® , Euro-Urban Contour , Metaal , and Contour Toilets all feature a dual flush systems that save 70% more water than a normal toilet.

Can you elaborate on the Chronomite water heaters a bit?

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It's a tankless water heater technology that allows for a controlled temperature. What's great is that yes, it does deliver hot water instantaneously but it also saves the user as much as 98% in energy costs compared to conventional tank water heaters. Not to mention it's as small as a book, it's so small you can install it right below the fixture.

There are health benefits too the Chronomoite heater prevents stagnant water, the biggest cause of legionnaires' disease, and in hospitality venues especially, it helps to have that added health safety boost.

What about the vacuum technology?

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The AcornVac technology is a really innovative draining system that only uses 0.5 gallons per flush, that's around 70% less than the average system. And it's not just environmentally sound, it's a big deal with architects because it's a vertical system that goes into the wall, so you're not limited to a design that's reliant on gravity piping. We can install it to fit around a space that's already existing, so the Acorn Vac encourages an open and flexible architectural environment.

You mentioned custom work, is that possible with Neo-Metro?

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Essentially all of our work is custom we're a solutions based company. And our customization extends to sustainability. For instance, we did all custom work for the Lucida , which is New York City's first LEED-certified condominium building.

The design team wanted rainwater to be their source for the building, so we customized our Ebb Basin to meet their criteria. Our main point is that there's a sustainable solution for everything, and we're prepared to offer a wide range of options, and customizations, to meet our client's green goals. We have worked on projects ranging from custom bunk beds for a hotel to custom 96" Ebb Concept designs.

Neo-Metro's Green Building Standards Assurance

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The following is an open letter certifying that Neo-Metro currently fabricates its products with Green Building friendly stainless steel that is manufactured in the United States using the electric arc furnace method.