Slab-Edge™ Wall Mounted Solid Surface Basin

Model Number:  9150 Series
ADA Compliant (if properly installed)CSA B125.1-2011Lead FreeOBC Complaint for AccessibiltyContains Recycled MaterialICPA SS-1

Counter with Integral Basins is intended to be mounted to accommodate ADA. Washbasin is constructed of Corterra recyled solid surface polymer resin. Three different lengths are available to accomodate up to three users.

The diagram below shows how to use the Dyson Airblade Tap if it is selected as a faucet option.

How to use the Dyson®Airblade™ Tap:

Washing hands with Dyson Airtap


Hold hands under center of tap to wash.

Drying hands with Dyson Airtap


Raise hands directly under tap arms to dry. Wait for air to activate. Keep hands close to tap arms while drying.

Product Function:

Adequate wall backing is required to support this wall mount, off-floor washbasin fixture. When mounted 33 inches (83.82 cm) at finished floor, fixture would comply with OBC requirements. When mounted  34 inches (86.36 cm) at finished floor, fixture would comply with ANSI, UFAS and ADA requirements. Alternatively, the unit may be mounted at the height to comply with ADA requirements for children. Compliance is supbject to the interpretation and requirements of the local code authoriity.

Regularly Furnished:
The console features a single opaque polymer bio-resin solid surface countertop. Corterra recycled solid-surface polymer resin and is ICPA SS-1 approved. Corterra uses a minimum of 15% post-consumer recycled material and a minimum 5% rapidly renewable material derived from bio-based sources. The countertop features integral bowl ramp style bowl running the length of the counter.

Trap Enclosure is included and conceals hot & cold mixing valve, supply and waste connections. Enclosure is fabricated of 18 gage, type 304 stainless steel with a satin finish engineered to provide a profile that complies with both ADA & OBC. 

Product Details
  • Faucet Configuration: -AB09 Dyson Deck Mounted AirBlade Tap/Hand Dryer Supplied ,-H0 No Faucet Hole (can imply customer supplied wall mounted faucet) ,-H1 Single Hole Provided for Customer Supplied Faucet
  • Accessibility:  ADA Compliant (if properly installed) , OBC Complaint for Accessibilty
  • Material:  Cast Solid Surface , Stainless Steel
  • Mount:  Wall Mounted
  • Other Certifications:  CSA B125.1-2011 , ICPA SS-1
  • Multi-User:  Two-Station , Three-Station
  • Environmental/Health:  Lead Free , Contains Recycled Material
  • Waste Location:  Wall Waste
Related Model Numbers
  • 9151 - One-Station SLAB-Edge™ Basin - 30 inches (75.9 cm)
  • 9152 - Two-Station SLAB-Edge™ Basin - 56 inches (141.9 cm)
  • 9153 - Three-Station SLAB-Edge™ Basin - 80 inches (202.9 cm)
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Solid Surface Color

  • <b>-RDC10</b> Blanco (white solid surface)
  • <b>-RDC14</b> Grey Goose (grey solid surface)
  • <b>-RDC16</b> Anise (black matte solid surface)
  • <b>-OCC17</b> Gilded Bronze (solid surface)
  • <b>-OCC18</b> Parchment (solid surface)
  • <b>-OCC19</b> Cotton Tail (solid surface)
  • <b>-OCC20</b> Meteorite (solid surface)
  • <b>-OCC21</b> Moonstone Metallic (solid surface)
  • <b>-OCC22</b> Café con Leche (solid surface)
Also available in:
  • -RDC00 Custom (customer specified resin/solid surface)
NameDescriptionFile Size
Manual 9151 Basin - 1 Station (pdf)Slab Edge™ Wall Mounted Solid Surface Basin 1 Station - Model 91511636 KBView
Manual 9152 Basin - 2 Station (pdf)Slab Edge™ Wall Mounted Solid Surface Basin 2 Station - Model 91521956 KBView
Manual 9153 Basin - 3 Station (pdf)Slab Edge™ Wall Mounted Solid Surface Basin 3 Station - Model 91531924 KBView



  • Commercial
  • Guest Room
  • Night Club / Bar
  • Public Bathroom
  • Restaurant
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