Neo-Metro Celebrates 20 Years of Environmentally Friendly Luxury Plumbing Fixtures



Since 1998, Neo-Metro has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing environmentally friendly luxury hospitality & residential custom plumbing fixtures. 2018 marks Neo-Metro’s 20th year in business.

Neo-Metro was started due to a growing appetite for the sleek industrial design of Acorn Engineering’s (Neo-Metro’s parent company) stainless steel toilets and sinks. Homeowners, architects, and designers had created a new trend the media was calling “Prison Chic,” and we knew we could surpass their expectations.


In 1999 Neo-Metro successfully launched the newly designed stainless steel sink and toilet at the prestigious Kitchen and Bath Show in Chicago (KBIS). As Neo-Metro’s popularity grew, we began designing and manufacturing resin and solid surface sinks and consoles, expanding the stainless steel line of products including bathtubs and providing contractor friendly, turnkey “plumbing solutions.”

Today you can find Neo-Metro luxury products in some of the exclusive and trendy bars, hotels, museums, office buildings and nightclubs all over the world. These products can also be found in boutique hotels catering to sophisticated guests, museums, restaurants, sports arenas, dental offices, and celebrity homes.

We invite you to join us in celebrating twenty years in business, and the vision and creativity of architects, designers, and building owners that helped make it all possible.

You can read more about how Neo-Metro got its start and see some of the interesting work we’ve done with our clients here