Corterra® Solid Surface
Corterra® Solid SurfaceCorterra® Solid Surface
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Corterra® Solid Surface

Model Number:  Option: RDC


Gilded Bronze <br>RDC17, Gloss Finish

Moonstone Metallic <br>RDC21, Matte Finish

Cotton Tail <br>RDC19, Matte Finish

Café con Leche <br>RDC22, Matte Finish

Meteorite <br>RDC20, Gloss Finish

Parchment <br>RDC18, Matte Finish

Anise <br>RDC16, Matte Finish

Grey Goose <br>RDC14, Matte Finish

Blanco <br>RDC10, Gloss Finish

Grenadine <br>RDC15, Gloss Finish

Corterra® is a revolutionary solid surface polymer resin that comes in a variety of attractive color options to match any surrounding décor. Corterra provides a chic yet durable finish to a multitude of MGI products. Aside from luxury aesthetics, Corterra is sleek, sturdy and ensures universal appeal to last for years. Its benefits include:

  • A polymer resin application that contributes to LEED points;
  • Conforms with ANSI Z124.3 and Z124.6 load ratings and is ICPA SS-1 approved
  • Class A fire rating
  • Easily repairable
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Solid Surface Color

  • <b>-RDC10</b> Blanco (gloss finish)
  • <b>-RDC14</b> Grey Goose (matte finish)
  • <b>-RDC15</b> Grenadine (gloss finish)
  • <b>-RDC16</b> Anise (matte finish)
  • <b>-RDC17</b> Gilded Bronze (gloss finish)
  • <b>-RDC18</b> Parchment (matte finish)
  • <b>-RDC19</b> Cotton Tail (matte finish)
  • <b>-RDC20</b> Meteorite (gloss finish)
  • <b>-RDC21</b> Moonstone Metallic (matte finish)
  • <b>-RDC22</b> Café con Leche (matte finish)
Also available in:
  • -RDC00 Custom (customer specified resin/solid surface)