Luxury Cast Resin
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Luxury Cast Resin

Model Number:  Option: RDC00–11

Custom-poured resin is a unique and colorful alternative for any sink or countertop. Neo-Metro offers a myriad of color choices, or we can color-match by sample or Pantone® color. Illuminate your resin deck with optional LED lighting for a visually stunning effect.

Cloud Nine, RDC01<br>(White Resin)

Stealth Fog, RDC02<br>(Opaque Smoke Resin)

Yokan, RDC03<br>(Amber Resin)

Oceana, RDC04<br>(Aqua Resin)

Skye, RDC05<br>(Blue Resin)

Cranjuice, RDC06<br>(Red Resin)

Wineberry, RDC07<br>(Purple Resin)

Green Tea, RDC08<br>(Dark Green Resin)

Green Apple, RDC09<br>(Green Resin)

Tangerine Dream, RDC11<br>(Orange Resin)

Blueberry, RDC11<br>(Turquoise Resin)

Custom, RDC00<br>(Customer-Specified Color)

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Resin Color

  • <b>-RDC01</b> Cloud Nine
  • <b>-RDC02</b> Stealth Fog (opaque smoke resin)
  • <b>-RDC03</b> Yokan (amber resin)
  • <b>-RDC04</b> Oceana (aqua resin)
  • <b>-RDC05</b> Skye (blue resin)
  • <b>-RDC06</b> Cranjuice (red resin)
  • <b>-RDC07</b> Wineberry (purple resin)
  • <b>-RDC08</b> Green Tea (dark green resin)
  • <b>-RDC09</b> Green Apple (green resin)
  • <b>-RDC11</b> Tangerine Dream (orange resin)
  • <b>-RDC12</b> Blueberry (turquoise)
  • <b>-RDC00</b> Custom (customer specified resin)