Introducing Neo-Metro® Continued Education Training

Continued Education Courses

Neo-Metro proudly provides a continued education training class designed to educate representatives, customers and employees on the latest luxury products and services in the hospitality industry.

A modern luxury restroom doesn’t have to stop at simply meeting patrons’ expectations for sustainability, hygiene, and functionality; it can do so while also making a striking minimalist design statement that is sleek and elegant.

The course is entitled High Art, Low Impact: Modern Luxury in Hospitality & Commercial Restrooms. It is AIA approved and teaches how to:

  • Analyze a variety of materials for restroom fixtures in terms of their sustainability benefits.
  • Explain the water conservation guidelines for WaterSense®-labeled fixtures and how water efficiency can earn credits in the LEED® green building certification program.
  • Discuss the elements of a restroom that contribute to the health and hygiene of patrons.
  • Describe how hospitality and commercial fixtures meet ADA requirements while also upholding the principles of modern design.
  • Define a modern minimalistic style and explain how it can be used to design luxury restrooms that are sustainable, hygienic and functional.
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