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Get INSTANT specifications on Neo-Metro products with SpecBuilder

Get specifications with SpecBuilder

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Installing 8930 and 8931 Basin (pdf)Metropolis Basin D Basin or Round (Small or Large) View
Installing 8933-15 Basin, Template (pdf)11.5 Inch Round Bowl Vessel View
Installing 8933-18 and 8934 Basin, Template (pdf)Square Vessel and Vessel with 15.75 Inch Round Bowl View
Installing 8935-EB Basin (pdf)Enclosed Bottom on 8935 (similar for 8936) View
Installing 8937 Basin (pdf)Metal Basin View
Installing 8944 Urinal (pdf)Top and Wall Supply Contour Urinal View
Installing 8946 Urinal (pdf)Top and Wall Supply Prizm Urinal View
Installing 8951 Toilet (pdf)Off-Floor, On-Floor Euro-Contour (also includes ADA) View
Installing 8955-T-1 Toilet (pdf)Top Supply, Off-Floor (also includes ADA install) View
Installing 8955-T-2 Toilet (pdf)Top Supply, On-Floor, Wall Waste (also includes ADA Toilet) View