Chicago Architecture Center Chicago, IL

Chicago Architecture Center

The Chicago Architecture Center’s mission is to inspire people, discover why design matters, and to really care about the way their neighborhoods and their cities look. So, you can imagine that not a single detail would be overlooked when tackling the design of their new home at 111 E. Wacker Street.

Architects and Designers know that washrooms can form a lasting impression on a guest. Marc Cerone, director, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, said that it is often the case in restroom design that architects and designers have issues with cleanability, functionality, and how people move through the space.

Neo-Metro Solid Surface Edge Basins paired with the Dyson® Airblade™Wash+Dry faucet-hand dryer delivers a beautiful, modern, sleek, functional design, which is precisely what you’d expect when you visit the Chicago Architectural Center.

This combination also solves the cleanability, functionality, and movement issues. The SLAB-Edge™ basin was specifically engineered to prevent faucet backsplash. Furthermore, because the Wash + Dry is both a faucet and a hand dryer, your floor won’t get wet, and people need not maneuver around other guests to locate paper towels or wall hanging hand dryers. They simply wash and dry their hands right at the sink and go. .

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