High Art, Low Impact: Modern Luxury in Hospitality & Commercial Restrooms

Neo-Metro® provides continued education and training classes that are dedicated to educating our representatives, customers and employees on the latest luxury products and services in the hospitality industry.

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Course Description:

Hospitality and commercial restrooms have a major impact on how patrons perceive a building or business. A modern luxury restroom doesn’t have to stop at simply meeting patrons’ expectations for sustainability, hygiene, and functionality; it can do so while also making a striking minimalist design statement that is sleek and elegant. This course presents some of the sustainable, hygienic, functional, and distinctive options for modern luxury restrooms..

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the design trends that benefit patients’ mental and physical health and which trends can be addressed through plumbing design
  • Define how plumbing fixture design and hand hygiene can address healthcare associated infections
  • Explain how behavioral healthcare design can affect patient safety, and
  • Discuss the needs of bariatric and ADA patients with regard to plumbing products.

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