The New Victory Theater

New York, N.Y.

Solid Surface Edge Basins & Dyson Airblade Wash + Dry Faucets for The New Victory Theater

A non-profit, children’s theater on West 42nd Street and Broadway. The Theater caters to all ages and audiences, including public school children, families and special needs groups. The Theater is owned by parent organization The New 42nd Street.  The organization is the city’s first and only full-time performing arts space devoted to hosting performances for children and families. Performances include a variety of programming spanning from local performers to those from across the country and around the globe. The theater is the largest provider of programming to New York City’s public schools, offering before- and after-show sessions and maintaining accessible prices of $2.00 per ticket.  For many visitors, the New Victory Theater represents their first time seeing and experiencing the performing arts.


Built in 1900 by Oscar Hammerstein, grandfather of the famous lyricist, the space is one of the city’s oldest and original operating Theater. The aesthetic was grand and inspired by Venetian architecture and incorporated a unique rooftop space, The Paradise Roof Gardens. Shared with the neighboring Victoria Theater, also owned by Hammerstein, this oasis featured a miniature village complete with ducks, chickens, cows—and a milkmaid who offered fresh milk to visiting children. 
Hosting large-scale musicals and plays to burlesque shows in the 1930s and then becoming a movie house, the space declined in the 1970s and sat vacant for years. In the 1990s, The New 42nd Street transformed the block and began renovation of the theater. In 1995, and the transformation into The New Victory Theater serving children and families became official in 1995.

ARCHITECTS: H3 Architecture, Architects Collaboration

In 2017, after celebrating 25 years in its new mission, the Theater was upgraded further. The emphasis here was on transforming and expanding public areas, making the theater even more accessible to the public. The lobby was dramatically brightened to celebrate the audience it served. The lobby benefited with the addition of a café as well as seating and activity areas designed to prepare and transition guests before and after performances.


An additional and significant element of the renovation, both sets of restrooms were demolished and completely refurbished. A goal was to upgrade the dingy and dark restrooms and make them visually and technologically on par with the upgrades to the other public spaces.

Each restroom is furnished with Two Neo-Metro Wash Stations (one for children; one for adults) and integrated Dyson Airblade Wash + Dry Faucets (combining washing and drying in one tap operating at high speed). The Wash Stations feature Neo-Metro Solid Surface Edge Basins.

The child ADA Neo-Metro Wash Station maintains 2 sinks and 2 Dyson Airblade Wash + Dry Faucets

The adult ADA Neo-Metro Wash Station maintains 3 sinks and 3 Dyson Airblade Wash + Dry Faucets

Restrooms had to be ADA Compatible for children as well as adults—as well as height friendly for children and to accommodate wheel chairs.

The cheerful red and yellow tiled baths are brightened with lighting and state-of-the-art Neo-Metro sinks and Dyson Airblade Wash + Dry Faucets.

Spaces are also deemed “cool and kid friendly” by The New 42nd Street’s VP of Operations, Jessica Baker Vodoor. She said “Here at the New Victory, the future meets the past and the restrooms also reflect this mantra. Now, kids are jazzed to use the restrooms and can easily reach, wash, clean and dry their hands using these high-performing fixtures. Young audiences feel that the sinks look like “airplanes” and washing and drying of hands is fun. Plus, it’s a win, for us and our facility teams as restrooms are free from debris caused by paper towel usage and saves us the cost from having to clean up after them. Also, the sinks do not clog or overflow. Having Neo-Metro and Dyson play a role in this renovation was critical to its outcome and success.”

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Why NEO-METRO: All-in-One Solid Surface Solutions

An all-in-one solution was necessary for a high-traffic restroom used by large numbers of active and excited school children. The use of Neo-Metro Wash Stations combined with Dyson Airblade Wash + Dry Faucets fulfills multiple needs as users run water, wash and dry hands all in one locale. This solution will prevent overflow of water and, consequently, slipping and falling due to wet floors. Restrooms are free from mess left behind from paper towels as well as from taking wet hands from one place to another. Given that the client is a non-profit organization, the funding was extremely limited. In addition, the timing to order, receive and install the product was also very tight.

Made in North America, all Neo-Metro products are custom made, as per architect/designer specifications.

The Neo-Metro Solid Surface Edge Basin provides a unified solution for restroom facility design. It is neutral and modern in design and appearance, durable, visually appealing as well as easy to maintain. The solid surface is attractive and durable and resembles naturally-made stone.

With basins and taps integrated into the solid surface, Neo-Metro products can easily fit into a variety of spaces, assuring space savings. This is key for historic buildings that by nature are not as accommodating with contemporary spaces.

Heights for stations was key—one that was height-friendly for children and one that was suited for adults

The product features no sharp edges or corners and contains no exposed plumbing underneath, making it safe for use, key for children as well as easier for cleaning and maintenance.

Timing from installation to opening was only one week—restrooms had to be finished and completed quickly.