Ebb Console 55-inch
55-inch length resin countertop unit on stainless steel frame. Configured for double (deep/shallow) or symmetric ebb basin.


Every good design deserves a complement.

The 55" Console Table, like its counterparts 36-inch and 24-inch console tables, is constructed of two parts - the frame, made of heavy gage stainless steel, and the resin deck.

The stainless steel frame features side shelving and housing for the multitude of color resin decks.

Make the resin decks stand out with an deep ambient glow that can be created with a lighting package (sold separately). The table accommodates the Deep, Shallow or Symmetric Ebb Basin.

A Wall Mounted version of this 55" Ebb Concept is also available.








Product Info

22.00 x 55.00 x 34.00 inches
175.00 pounds (shipping weight)